About Artemis Books

Several years ago, Lily Nova and Iven Lourie collaborated on a book project to collect memoirs by women who had lived through World War II and its accompanying traumas and dislocations. Although the larger collection they envisioned is yet to be completed˜this project resulted in the publication of the volume Interrupted Lives, which collects memoirs of confinement from four women who survived Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila, The Phillipines, and has been adopted for classes and reading lists in Women's History in a half dozen or more universities. This book needed a publishing imprint for the marketplace, and so Artemis Books was born! Later, when Iven collaborated with Matthias Schossig on the foreign rights division of his translation agency, iTRANSmedia, the project added a dimension of importing and exporting ideas to and from Europe˜the possibility of cultural exchange through the international literary marketplace.

Artemis will build up a publishing list of unusual and high quality books specializing in the following subjects: Women's Memoirs, Health & Hygiene, Meditation & Spirituality, Collaborations of Fine Artists & Literary Writers. New Life Through Energy Healing by Dr. Reimar Banis, a Spring, 2009, release, is the first international Artemis project. It is a collaborative effort of a German author, a German publishing house (Via Nova Verlag), a British translator, an American literary agency, and a U.S. independent press, Artemis Books, distributed by a larger publisher, Gateways Books & Tapes. We at Artemis wish to share with you this cutting edge research and healing methodology from Europe, and we plan to bring to market more professional and literary books of this caliber.